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How do the courses work?

The online courses have been designed to be studied at your own pace. Each course is comprised of various distinct modules which are best studied in a single session. We have structured the modules to logically progress, so we therefore recommend that you study each module in the order they are issued in using the Next and Previous arrows to navigate.

As you progress through the course, the system will remember which modules and sections you have completed, and will indicate these with a tick mark against each (in the knowledge tree to the right of the screen). If you need to break off your study for any reason, don't worry, when you return we'll remember which sections you have completed and automatically check them off again for you, taking you to the last page you visited.

You can select a module directly from the tree and go straight to that section, however the best way to progress through the course is by using the Next or Previous arrows at the top of each page. This will ensure that you review all the content you need to successfully complete the course, after which, the relevant test will be released at the end of the course. Once passed, your certificate will be released.

I want to see which questions I got wrong in the exam.

Any time you want to do anything related to a specific course, you will need to select it to see the course options available. By design however, you will only be able to see the answers you got right and wrong in an exam once you have completed and passed the course.

How do I ask a question of my own?

You can contact us via our support pages. Please visit the following page and ask away!

How much support do I get during the trial period?

Everything you need should be covered in introduction to the programmes (allocated to your user account automatically or when you register or via access code). If you have any specific questions, you can email us and we will try to help further. If we cannot answer your question by email or need to offer some additional support, we will be there for you - so don't worry!

I put in the correct username and password but still can't logon.

If you try to log on with the wrong details more than 3 times in a row, your account can be locked out. If this happens, please contact support by email or telephone to request a reset.

Is there someone I can speak to if I get a problem?

We are usually able to provide everything you need via email, however if we do not answer your question, we will ask for your contact details and call you. You are not alone!

I have activated a code and want to get started, what do I do?

Your course will be allocated in your To Do tab. Simply select the course you want to study by clicking on it and follow the on screen instructions.

What happens to my course when it is complete?

You will be able to access the system using your username and password and review any courses you have completed for as long as you want. It is important to note however that courses are periodically updated, which means you may need to make sure the course(s) you completed have not expired to ensure that you are familiarising yourself with the latest version.

When I have registered, what do I do next to access a programme?
Courses are either automatically allocated to your account or activated by you using an access code. If you were given a code, you will need to enter the code into the box found on the right of the screen (New Access Code) in your “User home” area by clicking the Click Here to Activate Code link (which will then allocate the course to your “To Do” tab).
I don’t think I will have time to complete the course I need to do in one go. Can I do the course in stages?

Yes – the system is designed to enable you to complete courses in stages. If you are interrupted or log out at any point, you will be taken to the last screen you visited when you log back in. Some of the longer courses have been designed with “Natural Breaks”, so you might want to take the opportunity to log out at one of these points or at the beginning of a new Module.

I have activated the code – how do I move through the course.
Read the instructions on the welcome screen and acknowledge you have read this. Then, once you have clicked “Start Course” you can move forward and back using the Next and Previous arrows to the top right and top left of the screen respectively. This is the best way to navigate, as it will ensure you do not miss any pages. If there are unread pages, the system will not release the end test until all the pages have been read.
I have finished the course and it says I have not read all the pages. How can I complete the course?
The system tracks your progress through the course which is best achieved using the Next and Previous arrows to the top right and left of the screen respectively (when you are in the course). If you have missed a page, the “find unread pages” button (above the knowledge tree on the left when you are in the course) will identify the pages you have missed. When you have read all of these identified pages, the course will be complete and the last stage/assessment will be released to you.
I started the course, signed out and have signed back in but cannot find my course.
Once started, if interrupted, you will be taken back to the last screen you moved from when you log back in. Once started, your course will no longer be “To Do” (as you have started it). Instead, it will be in the next tab along (In Progress), where it will remain until you have completed the course and passed the assessment (if there is one) or until you have clicked to acknowledge that you have read, accepted and understood all aspects of the course.
I want to review the course before I sit the end test as it has been a while since I last read the course. Can I do this?

Yes – all you need to do is find the course in the appropriate tab and click on it to select it. The options available will appear on the screen to the right.

It has been a while since I read the course and I want to review it before I take the assessment. Can I do this?
Your course is available to you until you no longer have access to the online system. You can review the course at any time by clicking the appropriate link from the “Completed” tab but remember, the courses are regularly updated, so you need to check the course expiry to ensure you are reviewing the latest version.
Can I have a copy of my course certificate.

If you have purchased a course using paypal, a download link will automatically be available for you once you have completed your course.

Otherwise, if your employer paid for your course, you will need to ask your training administrator directly for a copy.

How do I get a copy of my certificate?

If you access a course using a code given to you by your employer, you will need to contact your employer and speak to them about obtaining a copy as the certificate will have been sent to them direct.

How long do the certificates last for?

Red Rock Training agrees with employers the certificate expiry of each course. Each certificate also contains a unique reference number that can be verified within the system to prove the validity and currency of each one which will vary, depending on the particular course.

I have passed my course but have not received my certificate.
Where paid for by an employer, certificates of completion are sent to the administrator of the site you are registered to. Certificate copies are only available from your employer if they paid for the course and issued you with an access code, so you will need to contact them direct for a certificate copy.
As an employer, what benefits are there of a Red Rock Client account?

As an employer, you will be able to maximise efficiencies through our LMS system which enables you to access a variety of administrative tools, functions and capabilities that support the tracking and report against staff progress and performance. The system capabilities are extensive and unrivalled support will mean that you will get all the help you need to familiarise yourself and get maximum value. The system can also be branded to your organisation.

I am an employer with staff who need to undertake training. What are my options rather than paying for each course individually?

To find out the options available, simply contact us on 01246 553000 or request more information by sending an email to:

How do I reset my password?

You can either request a reset link to your registered email address, or if you know your username, you can answer your memorable question (and reset your password once signed back in).

I can’t log in. I have changed my password but I still can’t access the system or my course.

Just make sure you are entering the correct username as well as the correct password. Your username will be in the re-set email (that you will receive if you request a password reset link).

I can’t remember my password!

You will need to go to:

... and follow the instructions. You can also reset your details using the memorable question you would have created when you first registered.

I can’t remember my username!

This is the name created for you when you first registered with us (you may have changed this from the standard format though). If you can't remember it, request a password reset email which will also contain your Username.

I have forgotten my login details. How do I get a reminder?
You need to go to the login screen and click the “forgotten Login” link.  Follow the instructions and you will get a reminder sent to the email address you used to register in the system.
I have logged out, returned to the site to carry on with my course and I can’t find it.

When you first buy a course or activate an access code given to you by your employer, your course will be allocated to your To Do tab on your Personal Dashboard. Once you start your course, it will be moved to the In Progress tab, so if you log out and log back in again, you will find it in a different tab (depending on the stage of the course you have reached).

If my access is interrupted by an internet connection issue, what happens to my course?

If you are studying a course, you will need to sign back in, find your course in one of the tabs on your personal dashboard, click to select the course and follow the instructions. You will be taken to the last page you visited. If you are taking an exam, the system will reset the exam and you will need to start again from the beginning. Don’t worry though, this will be registered as an interruption rather than a fail.

What happens if I forget my login details and I do not have access to the email address I registered with or it is no longer valid?
You can still access a reminder through your memorable question. This will require you to enter your password. If you have forgotten this password, you will need to contact your administrator who will check your login details and send them to you.
How can I remove a trainee from my account.
You cannot remove a learner's training account, however you can lock them out of your LMS and prevent them from accessing any existing or historic training which you have issued to them. To do this, select the person's account and put a check in the User Lockout checkbox. Locked users show with a red locked icon in most reports, and you will always find a report option to filter them out of results.
How do I Add Staff to my LMS Account

Any learner who is already registered to the Red Rock system can be associated with your LMS client account, simply by their use of an access code which you issue to them. They will then appear on your reporting screens and you will see their results only for the course(s) which you have issued to them through your access codes.

A learner can self register by following the "First Time - Enrol Here" option on the website homepage / sign in screen. They will then choose their own username and password and can optionally use one of your access codes during enrolment, or at any time thereafter once they have successfully signed in to their new account. Once one of your codes has been activated, the learner will be permanently associated with your account.

Alternatively, you can add a staff member to the system and issue them with courses at the same time, by using the "Add A Learner" button from your client LMS dashboard. Just follow the on screen prompts but note that you will need the person's full name, email address, postcode and mobile number as a minimum. As part of the setup process you can allocate any courses which you have available for issue, to be installed on the new learner's training dashboard automatically. This option will send a security setup email to the staff member at the email address you supplied, which they MUST respond to and complete their security setup before they can sign in and access their training.

If they do not see this email, tell them to check junk/spam email, and please also check that you typed it in correctly when you set up their account.

How do I issue courses to staff

If the staff member is already registered to the system, you can give them the appropriate access code to enter into the "new access code" box on their training dashboard when they are signed into their account. They only need to do this once and it will permanently allocate the associated course to their account

If the staff member is not yet registered, you can create their account for them and allocate the courses you want them to do at the same time. Please see the separate FAQ entry "Adding Staff" on this subject.

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